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Marla Sparkkle Skibbins

About Me

I call myself an artist of Intention. Yes, I am a maker of jewelry and am trying my hand at glass.  And at the end of the day what I really want to create is the opportunity for you, as my client, to create a life of intention. As I have been thinking about what I want to write in my bio...for me it comes down to using things of beauty as reminders.  

Intention means “a thing intended an aim or a plan”.  My pieces are physical reminders of what you intend or are aiming at. Perhaps you want to be more courageous or to have your heart open more or you have a wish for someone to find the love of their life.  


My pieces express that wish and are physical reminders of your wish to transform.  Each time you see it or touch it or feel it, that is a reminder of what you want to create or become.  My pieces become a structure to remind you over and over again that you are the person you are aspiring to become. 

I don’t always get the chance to discuss the deeper meaning of my work...or maybe I just get a little shy.  However, I know in my bones that if we set our heart and our minds towards what we want, we really can create anything.  If my jewelry and gratitude dishes can help be a reminder for you then my intention will have come true. 

As I make my pieces in The Transformation Studio I think thoughts about you being happy, healthy, safe, and liberated.  Whether you buy something or not I have that wish for you. 

Reach out to me to learn more about me, my work, and how you can purchase some of my intention art for you or your loved ones!

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